Research that makes a difference

Meet University of Bristol researchers sharing why and how they think their research is making a difference.

Watch this collection of lightning talks produced by researchers at the University of Bristol. This is your chance to view these engaging short talks that explain why and how researchers envisage their research making a difference. These talks were submitted as part of the competition “Research that makes a difference – five-minute tales from early career researchers”, part of the Festival of Early Career Research. Thank you to the researchers and organisers for permission to share them more widely here.

UK summer extremes: Feeling the heat. Dr Alan Kennedy-Asser

Designing a flexible aircraft. Dr Alessandro Pontillo

Gut bugs and infections. Dr Claire Woodall

Engineering porous materials for sustainable chemical technologies. Dr Huan Doan

Confining hydrogen: Simple storage for net zero. Dr Lui Terry

We need to talk about NHS resources. Dr Madeleine Cochrane

The cognitive advantage of being bilingual. Dr Polly Barr

Understanding the system: Embedded research to support health place-making. Dr Anna Le Gouais

Helping cancer patients stop smoking using wearable technology. Dr Chris Stone

Self-management for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Dr Sarah Bennett